Compact camera AMOS

The compact housing of this camera, with AMOS chip technology (further development of the CMOS chip), offers many positioning opportunities. The housing is filled with nitrogen at 0.4 bar positive pressure (protection class IP 69K).
In order to prevent the lens steaming up the housing is heated from -40° to +30°. Light sensitivity for all cameras is 0.05 lux.
The cameras are designed for use on stackers and offer a shock-resistance of 50G and 15G vibration resistance.
Available viewing angles: 16˚, 24˚, 58˚, 69°, 102°, 118° or 131°, incl. 500 mm cable length incl. plug.
Optionally with digital zoom (controlled via the monitor) on request.

Distortion with customary cameras

Distortion corrected with Orlaco camera

Standard compact camera

Stainless steel port version

IR LED (night vision)


Quick-change device

Shock absorbers per pair

Stainless steel protective hood

Camera spacers

Gabelzinkenkamera CFMC (CCD oder CMOS Technologie)

The fork tine camera is most often screwed to the side of the fork tine. The housing is just 25 mm high and 30 mm wide. The small dimensions in conjunction with the 2 mm lens glass significantly reduces the risk of damage. The lens module is installed in the housing with a 10˚ incline in order to include the other fork tine in the picture.

Protection class IP 69, delivery incl. protective tubing and 1000 mm connection cable. Viewing angle 51° requires min. 0.5 lux. Version incl. LED for poor lighting conditions.

Kompaktkamera CPH (Edelstahlgehäuse)

With its extremely small dimensions, this camera can be used for concealed installations. Protection class IP 69, 50G shock and vibration proof to 15G, 51˚ viewing angle, delivery incl. 500 mm connection cable incl. plug. The lens glass being just 2 mm in size significantly reduces the risk of damage.


Fork bend bracket

Fork carriage bracket

CFMC camera protective tubing