For the FAMOS compact camera

Stainless steel cover

  • for viewing angles up to 129 °
  • also in 8 mm thick "Heavy Duty" version

Camera extension

  • 155 mm increase
  • 250 mm increase

Camera bracket

  • for viewing angles up to 170 °
  • for mounting on the forklift

Camera holder

  • suitable for ISO / FEM 2B, 3B and 3A
  • use with camera position up or down

For the HMOS DigiCoax camera

Free lift holder

  • with flexible mounting plate
  • with freely shortenable tube
  • camera can be adjusted horizontally

Fork bend holder

  • for mounting on the fork tine
  • optimal protection of the camera

For the CPH Pinehole Camera

Fork carrier bracket

  • for safe installation on the fork carriage

Fork bend bracket

  • for safe mounting at the fork bend

For the CFMC fork tine camera

Protective tube

  • for protected mounting on the fork tine