Signal transfer Mast cable, spiral cable, DigiCoax cable

  • Article 1220600: very strong mast cable (9 mm diameter) for routing directly over the deflection pulleys with a bending radius of min. 45 mm. This cable is also suitable for use in refrigerated stores. Tensioning springs and deflection pulleys are available
  • Article 1220350: Mast cable with double coax (6.2 mm in diameter) for routing in a hydraulic hose with min. 8 mm nominal diameter
  • Spiral cable with drawn-out length 4 or 6 m (diameter 70 mm) available. Can be routed from the driver's cab roof to the interior of the lifting frame, for example
  • Funnels for spiral cables
  • DigiCoax cable: For digital data transmission (9.2 mm Ø) for laying directly over pulleys with a minimum bending radius of 45 mm. This cable is also cold store suitable