Why using a camera system?

When camera technology is used for safety and efficiency, the user has to recognize his advantage "clearly and unambiguously".

That's why Orlaco, as a supplier to Griptech, uses the best image quality, high image clarity and color depth. Orlaco camera systems realize images with an invisible delay and no image jogging. This leads to the relief of the user and reduces the fatigue. The monitor is characterized by a refractive display. A light sensor automatically adjusts the ambient background lighting. All components are tested during serial production for vibration, shock resistance and the standard EMC test according to the automotive regulations.

Sophisticated HD digital technology

Orlaco develops high-resolution HD digital technology for all intensive and demanding environments. The new HD cameras correspond to the versatile fields of application of the industrial trucks and the high flexibility of use also all automotive requirements under continuous stress. The image quality ensures unrestricted acceptance of work support tools by all users. Thanks to the newly developed digital mast cable, the HD cameras can now also be used on the fork carriage or attachment.

Griptech can install camera systems on-site by our own technicians. In our factory, we integrate the camera technology on the KOOI Telescopic forks and also on our attachments.

All from one Hand!


Highest component quality in high-quality housings, which are characterized by their compact design. The high-quality RAM holders and various mounting plates ensure quick and uncomplicated installation. Up to 5 cameras can be switched via a monitor manually or via control signals. The cable outlet can be rotated by 180 ° without much effort.




The different viewing angles of the cameras allow the best tuning for your application. In the case of compact cameras, the round design allows for optimal and, subsequently, fast alignment. With a 2mm lens hole, we achieve a 52 ° horizontal viewing angle, which is unique and provides the highest level of protection in harsh environments. From this year digital cameras are available.



Signal transmission

In addition to the clearly favored mast cable, we also offer other types of transmission such as cable conductor drums, spiral cables or radio systems. Due to the years of development of mast cables and the resulting experience, we always recommend a mast cable installation or in combination with a spiral cable. The lower cost and the lack of maintenance, as well as no loss of image quality due to irradiation confirm our opinion.

For many truck types, we also offer multi-function mast cables to use the rollers in the mast or to swap them for an existing mast cable. The functions on the fork carriage are taken over by our cable.