Mast cable / spiral cable

  • Article 1220600: very strong mast cable (9 mm diameter) for routing directly over the deflection pulleys with a bending radius of min. 45 mm. This cable is also suitable for use in refrigerated stores. Tensioning springs and deflection pulleys are available.
  • Article 1220350: Mast cable with double coax (6.2 mm in diameter) for routing in a hydraulic hose with min. 8 mm nominal diameter.
  • Spiral cable with drawn-out length 4 or 6 m (diameter 70 mm) available. Can be routed from the driver's cab roof to the interior of the lifting frame, for example.

Cable drum

This high quality cable drum has an integrated multi-cable and special sliding contacts to transfer the video signal. The cable drum has a 15 m long cable to the fork carriage and 7 m for the permanent routing to the monitor. Precise mounting is very important for optimum service life. Delivery includes bracket for mounting to the vehicle and a swivel holder for connecting to the fork carriage.

Radio link

If a cable connection is unsuitable, a radio link can be used to transmit the video signal. The receiver is connected to the monitor by cable. The transmitter, connected to the camera by cable, is mounted on the fork carriage with a replaceable battery (operating life ca. 8 hours). Transmitter and receiver are protected per IP 68. The radio link operates in the 2.4 GHz range and there are 999 channels available. It is important to determine whether other radio systems that may already be operating in the area will cause interference.

Delivery incl. ball mount

Connection of multiple cameras to a single monitor

If visual impairments require multiple cameras on a vehicle, the separate camera signals are fed to a switch strip or View-Box. We would be delighted to assist you with the selection of the optimum system solution.

Image switching on the monitor

Up to 3 cameras can be connected with a monitor via a small switch strip (Switcher). The switch strip can be mounted in the chassis of the vehicle or could also be mounted on the fork carriage. With installation on the fork carriage, only a single cable connection is required via the lifting frame. The desired camera image can be manually or automatically changed on the monitor via a control signal (e.g. switching to the camera for the area behind the vehicle when reversing). Available in protection class IP 44 or IP 67.

135 x 36 x 30 mm (WxDxH) without plug

Multiple camera images on a single monitor at the same time

Up to 4 camera images can be displayed on one monitor via the View-Box. The View-Box can be mounted in the chassis or could also be mounted on the fork carriage. Protection class IP 67 and power supply from the monitor. The display of the image (e.g. picture-in-picture) can be freely selected via the monitor control menu. Can also be used in combination with the 12 inch monitor (settings pre-programmed).

160 x 86 x 35 mm (WxDxH) without plug