Electric pallet truck EP6 Accuracy ±0,1% of the applied load

Almost all common electric pallet trucks in drawbar design or with platform can be equipped with an integrated weighing system. The vehicles must be delivered to our factory for conversion.

The electric pallet trucks can also be equipped with a hydraulic weighing system.


  • installation of 6 (verifiable legal for trade) load cells in the wheel arms
  • lowered height of the wheel arms unchanged !!!
  • wheel arm construction replaced by Griptech
  • HARDOX wear protection under the fork tip
  • fork tip optimally bevelled
  • robust design especially for receiving the load cells
  • all welding works certified according to ISO 3834-2
  • approved version is delivered including class III certificate
  • extended wheel arms with 8 load cells optional

Electric pallet truck EP6 (load capacity according to basic unit, standard fork length 1150 mm)

Model series

 Display arrangement

Electric pallet truck standard (Indicator G400)

EP6 up to 2000 kg

Dual Range: 0.5 kg to 500 kg, 1 kg to 2000 kg

Electric pallet truck legal for trade according class III (Indicator R420)

EP6-E 1000 parts

1 kg to 1000 kg or 2 kg to 2000 kg each

EP6-E 1500 parts

1 kg to 1500 kg or 2 kg to 3000 kg each

EP6-E 2000 parts

1 kg to 2000 kg

EP6-E 3000 parts

0,5 kg to 1500 kg


  • Printer and data transmission
  • Indicator with numeric keypad and special functions (R420)
  • RS 232 interface incl. Connection cable and Sub-D connector
  • Version with stainless steel shoes, cold store version
  • Version EP8 with 8 load cells for extended arms