OPS Overload warning system

Overloading the vehicle can result in serious accidents (tipping). With the OPS overload warning system you are protecting your employees and goods. The OPS system is suitable for all forklifts without influencing the load bearing capacity or functionality.

Acoustic and visual warnings of an overload are issued by the new OPS system in good time, independent of the CoG of the load. A percentage figure for the current loading through the bending moment is shown in the display, measured at the rear of the fork tines.
There are two outputs for control signals, in order to activate warnings or to switch off a vehicle function. In addition, the max. weight can be programmed in via three input signals. This function can be used for different lifting heights or, for example, for reducing the permissible loading whilst the telescopic forks are extended.
In addition, the OPS system can be used to determine the weight (only with a pre-defined CoG for the load) with a measurement accuracy of ca. 2% of the weight being carried.

The sensors are attached either at the rear or side on the back of the fork tines (surface ground smooth, sensor glued on). The measurement signal is routed to the display unit via a mast cable or spiral cable, as standard. Bluetooth signal transfer is also available as an option.

Variants and prices (supply voltage 12 Volts)

Price €

OPS-W (basic system for cable transfer)

Additional cost, data logger integrated into the display unit (date, time and the size of overload are saved in the event of an overload)

Additional cost, Bluetooth (incl. transmitter/receiver, integrated rechargeable battery and external charger)