Weighing hand pallet truck HPT Accuracy ±0,1% of the applied load

The Griptech weighing pallet truck consists of a robust basic unit with 2000 kg load capacity and is equipped with high-quality weighing components. The hydraulic housing is galvanized and the large handle is covered with rubber. In each wheel arm, two load cells are mounted in a line. The battery (external charger) has capacity for approx. 100 operating hours (without printer).


  • robust basic construction
  • 4 load cells in one line for optimal weighing results
  • own weight 130 kg
  • protection class IP54 (weighing cells IP65)
  • indicator in ergonomic height
  • standard polyurethane tandem wheels

Special versions weighing hand pallet truck

  • Full / Semi-stainless steel version
  • incl. stainless steel load cells
  • HPT6 with extended forks for two pallets
  • Stainless steel (304/316) version with indicator X320 (protection class IP 69K)

Options weighing hand pallet truck

  • HPT with built-in printer (optional)
  • HPT with numeric keypad (optional)
  • Available in 3 colors
  • blue, red, orange
  • Tandem polyurethane wheels

Weighing hand pallet truck (capacity: 2000 kg)

Model series

Display arrangement

Standard version  (Indicator G400)


Standard per 1 kg to 2000 kg


Multi Range: 0.2 kg to 600 kg, 0.5 kg to 1500 kg, 1 kg to 2000 kg

Legal for trade version (Indicator R320)


per 0,5 kg to 1500 kg (3000 parts)


per 1 kg to 2000 kg (2000 parts)


Dual Range: 0.5 kg to 1000 kg, 1kg to 2000 kg (2000 parts)


Weighing high lifter HL Accuracy ±0.1% of the applied load

Weighing high lifter HL indicator rotatable (capacity: 1000 kg)

Model series

Display arrangement

Standard version (Indicator G400)

HL 400 (lifting function manual) and

Standard per 1 kg up to 1000 kg or

HL-E 400 (lifting function electric)

Dual Range: 0.2kg to 400kg, 0.5kg to 1000kg

Legal for trade version (Indicator R320)


per 1.0 kg up to 1000 kg (1000 parts)