Weighing pallet truck Weighing accuracy 0.1% of the weight lifted

The Griptech weighing manual pallet truck comprises a robust basic device with 2000 kg load bearing capacity and is equipped with high quality weighing components. The housing for the hydraulics is galvanised and the large handle is rubber-coated. Two load cells are fitted in a line in each support arm. The lead-acid battery (external charger) has a capacity of ca. 50 operating hours.

Stainless steel version on request

Also available legally calibrated for trade

Basic version

Available in 3 colours (blue RAL 5010, red RAL 2002, orange RAL 2000)

Option: Printer / numeric keypad

Tandem polyurethane running rollers

Net weight 130 kg, size over the support arms 570 mm,
support arm width 180 mm, protection class IP54 (load cells IP65).

Variants and prices (load bearing capacity 2000 kg)


Display arrangement


Standard version


Standard every 500 g up to 2000 kg


Dual range (0.2 kg up to 600 kg, 0.5 kg up to 2000 kg)

Display steps 0.2 kg up to 2000 kg

Display steps 0.1 kg up to 2000 kg


Standard every 1 kg up to 2000 kg


Version Legally calibrated for trade per class III

STL-H/legally calibrated for trade

Every 0.5 kg up to 1500 kg (3000 parts)


Every 1 kg up to 2000 kg (2000 parts)

Every 1 kg up to 1500 kg (1500 parts)

Dual range (0.5 kg up to 1000 kg, 1kg up to 2000 kg)



Additional price / price reduction €

– Strip printer with date and time function


– Display with numeric keypad, memory slots and special functions (N/R420)


– Unit counting function (adding function omitted)


– Replaceable battery (2 x battery + charger), not in combination with printer


– Relay switching with 250VAC/3A control signal incl. cable and plug (adding function omitted)


– RS 232 interface incl. connection cable and standard plug


– Display X320 Protection class IP 69


– Different fork lengths, stainless steel versions available on request

165 x 77 (WxH in mm)

Standard display N320 (R320 if legally calibrated for trade), LCD display with 20 mm high digits, robust IP-54 plastic housing incl. protective hood. IP 69 display, see additional cost. Functions: Automatic and manual zeroing, tare function with gross/net display and adding function (optional unit counting function or dosing aid). Background lighting, auto-off switching and date and time information. Standard with RS 232 interface. Communication with terminals on request.

246 x 212 (WxH in mm)

Display N420 with numeric keypad (R420 if legally calibrated for trade) double display and alpha-numeric keyboard. Robust IP-54 plastic housing. Additional 3 function keys for adding, unit counting, dosing aid and printer operation, for example. 100 free memory slots for tare and code entry (Alibi memory optional). Standard with RS 232 interface. Date and time information. Customer-specific programming and communication with terminals on request.